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Signature Collection | Teardrop

Signature Collection | Teardrop

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Our Signature Collection uses all of taenickole's brand colors to make the PERFECT earrings. We have created them with both silver and gold accents for everyone. taenickole earrings are made using polymer clay as the main material. Some earrings have gold foil or glitter on the design. taenickole uses stainless steel posts for sensitive ears. 

Colors in this style: hot pink, pink, light pink, orange, light orange, green, white, gold or silver

Why choose our polymer clay earrings over regular earrings?

  • They're lightweight. Even our biggest pair weighs less than half an ounce.
  • They're incredibly unique. Even if you buy two of the same style, they will never look exactly the same. 
  • They're handmade! When you buy from taenickole, you're buying something that is made by hand and not by a machine.