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How To Care For Your Earrings

Our polymer clay earrings are molded, color mixed, and we sometimes add things like gold foil or glitter. We shape them into our beautiful shapes and cure them. They are finished by sanding, drilling holes, and assembled with the best findings. 

Polymer clay is a strong material, however it can break if not cared for correctly especially if the design is intricate. Below is how we suggest that you care for your earrings to make them last long. 

The best way to keep your polymer clay items safe is to store them in a dry place where they won't be bumped or knocked around. Make sure nothing is laying on top of them or anything putting pressure on the pieces. Your polymer clay earrings come in a box. We suggest keeping them in their box when you're not wearing them or have them in a hanging place safe and sound. 

Polymer clay can easily scuff or change colors when you wear them while applying makeup or hairspray. We suggest that you wait to put them on while using products. However, if you do get makeup or anything on them, you can use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to get any residue off of the earrings. If your earring has gold foil or paint, avoid those areas because it will take it off. 

How To Care For Your Acrylic Earrings

Our acrylic earrings are laser cut from large pieces of acrylic. If your acrylic earrings get dirty, you can use any type of cleaner and we suggest using a soft cloth to wipe them down because the acrylic can scratch or scuff. 

Just like our clay earrings, we suggest you keep them in a hanging position if possible and store them in a dry place. 

How To Clean Your Brass Components *Affiliate Links*

When your brass components start to turn, you can use a couple of things. You can use Brasso brass cleaner and a polishing rag. You only need a tiny bit of this to clean each of your pieces. If you don't want to purchase Brasso, you can use {believe this or not} ketchup to clean your brass pieces. Yes, you read that right. Ketchup. It actually works! 

We genuinely hope you love your earrings from taenickole. Our mission is to make every woman feel beautiful. If you ever have any questions or concerns with your jewelry, feel free to let us know! 

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